As recently as a couple of weeks ago, we doubt that we would have been writing a story about virtual travel games. But here we are, stuck in our living rooms and on the lookout for ways to both pass the time, and feed our wanderlust. Well, now we’ve across one that ticks both boxes: Geoguessr, a simple-sounding game where you have to guess the location of wherever the game puts you in Google Street View. The closer you guess to the actual location, the more points you get.

It sounds simple enough but actually try pinpointing where exactly a picture of a sparse desert road is, with the only clues being the odd tree or the colour of the sand. Bit trickier right? There are lots of different games to play, from a tour of famous landmarks around the world, to country and region-specific trails. Our favourite has to the world game, however, where you’ll be taken on a global tour, from bustling cities to desolate landscapes.

A basic account is free but to unlock the whole site and range of games there’s a $2.99 monthly charge, which isn’t so bad for a game that cures boredom and your travel bug at the same time.

Check out the games and sign up at geoguessr.com