everything everything release a deeper sea ep

Everything Everything have dropped surprise EP A Deeper Sea to coincide with the start of their biggest ever UK tour. The record features two new tracks ‘The Mariana’ and ‘Breadwinner’, a Tom Vek remix of ‘Ivory Tower, from their latest album A Fever Dream and a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Don’t Let It Bring You Down’, which was recorded during their Radio 1 Maida Vale session last year. Jonathan Higgs has even made a little vid for ‘Breadwinner’, which he explains, “was inspired by a line in the song; “walk into the wall like you’re an NPC”, an npc (non-player character) is what you call every character in a game that is controlled by the AI. Depending on the quality of the animation and coding, NPCs are quite often seen moving repetitively in loops, walking in circles, bumping into objects, or staring lifelessly out of the screen. I wanted to make myself into a really badly made character, corrupted programming trying to dance.”

A Deeper Sea is out now.

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