We’re blessed with a lot of a green space in this city but there’s always room for more, especially when you consider just how polluted London is. There are already some City Trees – moss-filled structures that have the same carbon dioxide filtering and oxygen producing capacity as 275 regular trees – in Leytonstone, and now architects Sheppard Robson and designers Phil Allen Design are trying to tackle that problem in central by installing the largest living wall in Europe around the side of Citicape House in Holborn.

As well as transforming the building into office space, a 382 bedroom hotel, terrace restaurant and bar, and public roof garden, the exterior will be wrapped in 3700 sqm of foliage, fed by rainwater harvesting. By absorbing around nine tonnes of CO2 and producing seven tonnes of fresh air each year, the plants should have a big impact on local air quality.

It’s not just the walls that’ll be covered in flora and fauna, the free public garden on the roof is going to be filled with native wildflowers and plenty of places to soak up the epic views over St Paul’s. Completion for the entire project is slated for 2024 but here’s hoping they get that roof garden open before then.

Opens 2024
Citicape House, London, EC1