Essential Apartment Security Guide for Renters

Moving into a new place is a daunting task- the pressure of adjusting with the surroundings, moving stuff and settling in can take a lot of time, but peace of mind can only be achieved if the apartment you move into is secure. 

Security enables people to live in peace, as it gives them the confidence to focus on other, more productive aspects of life and not fret over the safety of their life, liberty, and property. After the onset of urban sprawl, community living specifically in rented apartments has become the new normal.

Renting an apartment gives rise to a variety of security concerns, that should be secured as soon as a person moves in. With extensive research in the domain of security solutions, there are effective remedies that are easy to procure and install, such as those listed and offered at

Here we have listed the most fundamental security protocols that every renter should take when treading down a new phase of life.

Basic Protocols Before Moving In

There are some rudimentary things that should always be checked to ensure security, before moving into a new rented place. Let’s discuss them.

Checking the Appliances

Electrical appliances might not pose an intruder problem, but they can surely cause a lot of damage. If these devices are old, or malfunctioning they can overheat and result in potential fires. Furthermore, old stoves also might have weak gas connections that can lead to a gas leakage.

Getting New Locks

Your landlord might resist this initially, but this is your right. You can never truly assess the risk posed by old locks because one can never know how many people still hold on to their key, and can potentially cause an intrusion in your humble abode.

Examining Window Entry Points

Windows are essential in any apartment for effective ventilation, but when they are not open, they should be properly sealed, so that the security concern is met. This is specifically important for people living on the ground level as this is the easiest entry point into your apartment after the door.

Additional Steps for Security After Moving In

Once all the pre-requisites of security are met before you decide on moving in, there are extra measures that can be adopted for fool-proof peace of mind.

Advanced Locks

Locks have keys have really become history. Now with advanced security measures, you can have entry systems that open the door once you have entered the right code. Along with this, these systems are also hooked to your smartphone, sending prompt notifications to monitor entrance activity in your place. 


In the worst-case scenario of someone getting unauthorized access to your apartment, you can always mitigate the collateral by getting a safe for the most valuable of your possessions. These safes come in all shapes and sizes and are easy to procure and install.

Live Fully, Live Securely

With a little effort in being vigilant about one’s surroundings, a secure life can be lived free off potential risks and threats.  Securing your apartment might be the most important thing, call a London aerial engineer to set up a CCTV camera, to ensure a productive life.