What’s the vibe?

Egg Shop, a cute all day cafe in Williamsburg (there’s also the original location in SoHo), is instragram-ready with pastel tiles on the walls, indoor plants, stripped back wooden floors, and a touch of Millenial pink on the leather seating. In the summer, the front windows open right up onto the street with a high bench and stools to give it a breezy, relaxed feel – exactly what Williamsburg is all about.

What to order?

In case you hadn’t guessed, the menu revolves around eggs, with a range of breakfast sandwiches being especially good. There’s everything from a spicy sausage, egg, and cheese number (our favourite), all the way up to a serious steak and egg or fried chicken sandwich, if you’re really looking to kick the day off right. Whatever you do, make sure you order a side of hash browns too, these big crispy mounds of shredded potato are some of the best we’ve had. At dinner there’s a whole range of bigger dishes including burritos and burgers, but we reckon breakfast is where it’s really at.

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