edible cinema does valentine’s day

Edible Cinema is getting in the V-Day spirit this year with a special screening of True Romance as part of their year-long residency at Curzon. Edible Cinema is known for creating a multi-sensory experience with food rather than serving up a literal interpretation of what’s on screen, as they don’t pick obvious foodie films having taken on Some Like It Hot, Perfume, and Silence of the Lambs in the past.

It’s designed to be a surprise so we don’t know what they’re cooking up for True Romance, but as the film follows Clarence and Alabama after they inherit a suitcase of cocaine on their wedding day and are being chased by a load of Hollywood gangsters, you can expect serves “wreathed in Alabama’s cigarette smoke, some violent Chinese takeout and a liberal helping of white powder”. Sounds like the perfect V-Day to us.

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[maxbutton id=”440″] Thurs 14th February 2019, 6.20pm
38 Curzon Street, London, W1J 7TY