The Best Easter Treats of 2024

If you’re using Easter as an excuse to eat as much chocolate (or frankly anything sweet) as humanly possible, these are the Easter treats you’ll wanna crack on with…

Donutelier’s Easter Collection

Spoil yourself with these limited-edition Easter doughnuts. There are three distinct flavours to try, including Gilded Cocoa, Dulcey Banoffee, and Earl Grey Tonka.


Tony’s Chocolonely’s Chunky Easter Eggs

Tony’s Chocolonely has brought back their Chunky Easter Eggs for 2024. Both flavours – whether you pick milk or milk caramel sea salt – are filled with bonus, smaller eggs.


Birley Bakery’s Laughing Rabbit

Fancy a laugh while enjoying chocolate? This HUGE, 1.2kg milk chocolate laughing bunny is delicious enough on its own, but it’s also stuffed with some bonus surprises – no spoilers here…


Toblerone’s Personalised Edgy Egg

The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate with a note. Write a personalized message (less than 30 characters) and it will be engraved on a chocolate and crunchy almond nougat egg.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Egg

For over 250 years Terry’s has been slinging their signature chocolate oranges. For Easter, get an egg-shaped version.


Lola’s Cupcakes’ Easter Specials

The Easter bunny has dropped off cupcakes topped with mini chocolate eggs that lay on a nest of chocolate flakes for Lola’s Cupcakes’ 2024 Easter specials. Choose between chocolate and vanilla cupcakes – or go for a box of both.

From £22.20

Rosewood London’s Almond Blossom Easter Egg

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom painting, Rosewood London has created limited edition milk chocolate eggs painted sky blue and
embellished with chocolate branches, sugar blossom flowers and salted caramel truffles to make
blossoms sprigs.


Raw Chocolate Company’s Conscious Chocolate Easter Egg

It’s your classic Easter egg, but the dark chocolate shell is filled with a hazelnut ganache and sweetened with coconut sugar. The luxury egg is also vegan, organic, dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free and guilt-free


Pump Street’s Hot Cross Bun Dark Chocolate

Experience spring in chocolate form with the Hot Cross Bun chocolate bar. The bar is flavoured with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon and is studded with currants – just like the buns we know and love (well, some of us do).


Melrose and Morgan’s Easter Simnel Cake

Melrose and Morgan’s Simnel Easter cake is back for 2024. Full of fruity filling, spices, and toasted marzipan topping, the iconic cake is made from fresh local ingredients.


Pierre Marcolini’s Malline of Petit Bonheurs

Pierre Marcolini is taking things back to basics this spring with these Petit Bonheurs – simple rectangles made using Grand Cru cocoa beans in hazelnut praline, coffee & almond praline, caramel praline and gianduja flavours. Don’t choose, get the box with all four.


Claridge’s Easter Egg

The Claridge’s Easter eggs are back for 2024. Handmade from either milk, dark or white Valrhona chocolate, they’re filled with hazelnut & almond praline gull’s eggs, and then packaged in signature Claridge’s style – using Art Deco monochrome foil and inside a jade green box.


Daylesford’s Chocolate Asparagus

Daylesford is doing something a little different by rendering another springtime symbol, the asparagus, in chocolate. These milk chocolate spears are filled with hazelnut praline and hand-painted with white chocolate.


Divine Chocolate’s Flat Eggs

New this Easter, Divine Chocolate has launched limited-edition Flat Eggs and Hot Cross Bun Bars. For the Flat Eggs, you’ve got a choice of dark chocolate with raspberry or chocolate caramel crunch.


Il Gattopardo Easter Egg 

Crack open this leopard print egg to reveal small eggs filled with velvety hazelnut, almond and pecan praline. Created by Pastry Chef, Galileo Reposo, the outer shell is made of high quality Italian White chocolate for the first coating and Valrhona Equatorial 55% dark chocolate for the second coating for a sweet and bitter taste.


Russell & Atwell Egg and Jar

Russell & Atwell, who are known for using fresh cream over palm oil and wild honey over preservatives, have made their first Easter egg, which you can get alongside a jar of their signature fresh chocolates.