How to Earn Rewards Like VIP Bookings at The River Cafe

EARNT is a London-based project connecting people with VIP experiences across the city

What’s the catch? Key word is earn. You’ll need to do your part to get your hands on ETYs (earned thank yous) from EARNT, but it’ll be well worth it. The team collaborates with London institutions and beloved brands to get groups of people together who’ll plant trees, clean rivers, work in food banks or support local children’s organisations in return for free lunches, free coffee for a month, limited-edition gifts, VIP access to events and more – it’s rewarding in more ways than one.

This May, EARNT is teaming up with world-renowned restaurant The River Cafe once again for a river clean. Guests will spend the morning helping to remove plastic waste from the Thames and, in return, the team promises there’ll be something big given away as a thank you. Last time, it was a VIP booking at The River Cafe – one of the most desirable restaurants in the city – so we’re expecting something very good.

Unfortunately, spaces for the next river clean are already filled, but you can put yourself down on the waitlist if anything opens up. Or, you can check out some of the amazing collabs EARNT has planned for the future, including one with Hagen where volunteers will support local schools in return for a month of unlimited FREE coffee.