They’ve gone from slinging those pan-fried soup dumplings on Broadway Market to running kitchens in Old Spitalfields Market and The Collective at South Quay, and now the Dumpling Shack team is coming back to Hackney with a brand new restaurant. And it’s going to be a two-for-one spesh because it’ll be home to both Dumpling Shack and their spin-off fried chicken concept Sichuan Fry. Dumpling Shack will be in the basement, cooking up those signature shengjianbao, dan dan noodles and prawn wontons in chilli oil, and with the fried chicken action happening on the ground floor.

Sichuan Fry, which combines fried chicken and punchy Sichuan flavours, started life as a special menu item at the Spitalfields site in 2020 before growing into a dedicated pop-up that resulted in two hours queues – you know us Londoners love our chicken. Since then development chef Haydon Wong has been refining the recipes and has created three different fried chicken sandwiches – including the Sichuan Classic spiced with Sichuan sauce and mala honey sauce; the Soy Garlic, with soy garlic glaze and garlic mayo; and the vegan Crispy Aubergine, with panko aubergine, honey mala sauce, Sichuan sauce & pickled cucumbers – wings and tenders with various spice levels, alongside shake shake fries with a range of seasonings and other off-menu items that regulars will know all about.

We’ve been big fans of Dumpling Shack for years but now that they’re opening right next to LOTI HQ, we’re even more cluckin’ excited for this.

Opens Thurs 5th January 2023
2 Westgate St, London E8 3RN