ready to drop acid?

Acid or anything else vaguely chemical-ly sounding plus the world peel used to make us think of angry, red and scary skin (like what happens to Samantha Jones in Sex and the City). Now acids have become a beauty essential, wonder serums that treat all manner of skin complaints, from dryness to spots. So go on, drop some acid…

pixi glow tonic | london on the inside

Glow Tonic | Pixi

There’s a reason this tonic has a cult following…the glycolic acid gives you brighter skin in literally one swipe.

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the ordinary buffet | london on the inside

Buffet | The Ordinary

The Ordinary has this acid lark absolutely nailed. Buffet gets a particular shoutout thanks to its 11 amino acids. Yep, it’s a real hardworker, tackling multiple signs of ageing (and so cheap too).

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omorovicza acid fix | london on the inside

Acid Fix | Omorovicza

It’s got glycolic acid in for exfoliation and salicylic acid in for tackling spots. A double whammy.

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sunday riley good genes | london on the inside

Good Genes | Sunday Riley

Lactic acid is a super exfoliator so whack this on to tackle uneven tone, lines and tired skin.

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glossier | london on the inside

Super Bounce | Glossier

Packed with hyaluronic acid, this baby plumps dry skin with loads of moisture. Perfect if the weather (or a hangover) has parched your face.

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