salon spy | dr sebagh signature facial

Sometimes you need a helping hand in getting your face looking its best and that’s where the Dr Sebagh Signature Facial comes in. Exclusive to the Dr Sebagh Clinic in Marylebone, the facial will have your skin clean, clear and glowing in just 60 minutes. To make sure that you get a facial that really works for you, the treatment starts with a quick consultation on your specific skin concerns and your current skincare regime. Our facialist Tine clocked us as a face toucher and a bit of a cheese fiend (unconsciously touching your face means dirt gets moved around a lot and dairy can cause breakouts) as soon as she got us under her lights.

The facial itself starts with a foaming cleanser to get all the make-up and dirt off, and then you get a series of masks; one for exfoliation, one purification and anti-pollution (key for us Londoners) and then one for intense hydration. Lymphatic drainage then pushes the toxins out of your face and quite an intense facial massage gets rid of any tension your carrying, especially in the jaw area. It properly gets your muscles going and works bits of your face you’ve probably never thought about before.

Not only did she work her magic on our face, Tine was full of advice on the products, the best combinations to use and even nutrition tips to keep our skin looking and feeling fresh.

25 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8GL