doughnut time’s new pop-up mr fitz’s

Aussie doughnut chain Doughnut Time is launching a new ice cream pop up in Soho this summer called Mister Fitz’s. If you’ve ever been to Doughnut Time you’ll know that these guys specialise in some pretty wacky flavours and names so it’s no surprise that they’ve gone all out for this pop up, with a range of unusual creations.

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The menu includes eight ice cream sandwiches starting at £6.50, with each featuring its own distinctive ice cream character. Flavours include John Lemon, a pair of lemon scoops served between two vanilla cookies and topped with meringue, or Choc-ella Deville, made from Nutella ice cream, a Nutella cookie, and finished with Nutella crepe drizzle.

If you’re off the dairy, there’s vegan options too, including Takes Two To Mango, a mango sorbet filling and a passionfruit coulis, and the Berry Rude featuring a chocolate cookie shell and raspberry sorbet filling, finished with crushed pistachios.

Opens Thurs 28th June 2018
21 Great Windmill St, Soho, London W1D 7LB