Well, we’re getting one

It started back in 2017 when Alcotraz opened as an immersive speak-easy inspired by the infamous San Franciscan prison Alcatraz. Here, guests would don orange jumpsuits, smuggle liquor past a warden and play out their prison fantasy, cocktail in hand. Maybe we’re crazy, but this seemed unappealing at best – tone-deaf at worst. Regardless, Alcotraz is a hit and has since spread to other parts of the UK with sites in Machester, Brighton and Liverpool.

Now it seems the copycat wave has started, as a similar concept is launching in London Bridge, Slammers, and this one is taking it up an ill-advised notch. The cocktail menu includes a drink called the ‘Death Sentence’ and they’ve even got a mock electric chair. Remember capital punishment? Wasn’t that a laugh? And promotional images of the experience include a model posing as a ‘crackhead’. Yeah.

You’ve gotta wonder what world the people behind Slammers are living in. Still, will people pay for this? Probably. Should those people be on a list somewhere? Yes.