Spinning wheel of doom, blue screen of death, endlessly buffering Netflix…sometimes technology fails us and when it does, the temptation to throw the phone out of the window or hurl the laptop on the floor is real. Obviously smashing up your own stuff is only going to be more painful in the long run but there is a place where you can let rip completely guilt-free. Enter Demolition Therapy. Electrical Direct is rounding up all the broken and useless bits of tech they have, putting it in a room and providing you with a range of tools to smash it all to smithereens.

The half hour sessions cost £50 for two people, so you can release all your pent-up frustration by taking a baseball bat to a TV, an axe to an Xbox or a hammer to a computer and obliterating everything in sight. The location and dates for the London site have yet to be announced but you can sign up to the mailing list for updates.