Food price inflation recently hit a record rate of 11.6% and as costs continue to soar, food banks are in incredibly high demand. The Trussell Trust, a nationwide network of food banks, has set a target of delivering the 1.3 million emergency food parcels they expect will be needed over the next six months – and they’ve teamed up with Deliveroo to give the initiative a boost. On 17th December, Deliveroo will come to London with their limited-time service ‘Collecteroo’, picking up food donations right at your doorstep.

The Trussell Trust’s food parcels have been designed to provide supplies to cover at least three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced meals for families and individuals. Typically, these include the likes of cereals, soup, pasta, biscuits, tea or coffee and more. Of course, not everyone is able to spend extra on food at the moment, but a recent study by Deliveroo found that 7 in 10 Brits have unopened food items in their cupboards that they’d be happy to donate. So, ‘Collecteroo’ is encouraging people to have a look in their kitchens for long-life products such as tinned fruit, tinned meat or fish, UHT milk, tinned tomatoes or pasta sauce, sponge or rice puddings, and long-life juice that they may already have to donate.

To take part, you’ll need to arrange a food collection via the ‘Collecteroo’ site before 28th November and on 17th December, an e-van will come to you and collect your unopened and in-date donations. Food banks are under immense pressure this winter to continue providing their vital services, so if you’ve been looking for a way to support them, here’s your chance.

Sat 17th December 2022