Like the rest of 2020, the festive season has been a funny one – you either threw caution to the wind and got your Christmas tree up in the middle of November in an effort to make lockdown a bit more bearable, or you came out the other side with no decorations in sight. If you’re in the latter camp and you still don’t have a tree then Pines and Needles, who deck out places like Hampton Court and the Royal Albert Hall, have plenty of real fir trees still in stock across all their London locations – and yes they do deliver.

If you got your tree up early doors then Pines and Needles can also help you keep it in good condition right through to Twelfth Night. Pines and Needles founder Josh Lyle’s top tips include trimming the end of the trunk, giving the tree plenty of water, keeping it away from heat sources like radiators, and not exposing the tree to sudden changes in temperature – it’s a living thing after all so you’ve gotta give it some TLC!

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