dating, how did we ever manage?

It’s getting to the end of summer and if that fling is over or never even started, and you’re looking for someone to hibernate with over winter you’ll probably wanna get on Badoo. The social discovery app has over 350 million users worldwide and allows you meet people whenever and wherever you are, but you wanna know why this is better than any other dating app? Well after exchanging a message or two you can video call your match. Video calling?! As if I’d want to do that to some weirdo on a dating app, we hear you cry.

Video calling?! It’s not as bad as it sounds, honest. You need to get over the fear and think about the positives, for starters you can suss someone out without having to commit to a full on date and if it’s not working you can just hang up – no need to make some awkward excuses that your cat climbed up a tree and started throwing furballs at your neighbour. And you don’t have to invest in the date either and we’re not just talking about the £££ you spend on a first date, but you don’t have to worry what to wear and you can even save time looking for Mr or Mrs Right by knocking out 4 or 5 video dates in one night. It’s win win, and if that wasn’t incentive enough, video chatting is the one way to avoid catfishing and if they’re not who you expect you can easily report or block them. So if you wanna say goodbye to the creeps, get on Badoo.