After a sold-out run in Canary Wharf last autumn, immersive theatre concept DARKFIELD is coming to King’s Cross. The shows take place inside shipping containers and in complete darkness, using headphones and binaural 360-degree sound to immerse you in the story. DARKFIELD is actually made up of three individual shows and they’ll all be running daily in Lewis Cubitt Square.

COMA aims to blur the barriers between being awake and asleep, and involves the audience lying down and slipping into a collective dream. SÉANCE explores the idea of group psychology by transforming the container into a Victorian séance room and challenging the audience’s perception of reality. FLIGHT, resembling an economy cabin, takes you on an unsettling trip by focusing on the more perilous aspects of flying….so maybe not one for those who are already scared of it.

Fri 28th February – Sun 22nd March 2020
Lewis Cubitt Square, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4BT