DAME changed the period game when they created the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, which since 2019 has saved over 300 million pieces of plastic from going into the ocean. Now they’ve taken on the pad. Over 760 million plastic pads are thrown away in the UK each year, so DAME have created a reusable pad that’s much greener than traditional ones. It’s also softer, thinner and drier thanks to a super fast wicking core and absorbent fabric with watertight backing and antimicrobials built in.

As well as the pad, DAME have made a watertight, airtight and odour-tight Dry Bag so it’s easy for you to change your pads on the go. You can even pre-soak the pads in the bag once you’re home before throwing them in your normal wash, so you’re reducing your carbon emissions there as well as cutting down on plastic waste and saving money – a triple win!

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