If you’re ready to get away from WFH and back to a desk, Second Home in London Fields is the ideal workspace – its biophilic design increases creativity and productivity, it’s got an on-site seasonal cafe La Despensa, and it’s got plenty of breakout spaces and meeting rooms. There are hot desks and permanent desks available but if you’re after something a little more private, you can now share a studio with other freelancers and small businesses making it a little easier on those budgeting spreadsheets we all love so much.

The idea is that two small teams can occupy one office together, sharing the costs. Not only do you get access to a private space, you get it at a discounted rate which is available to current members and non-members. There is more on the pricing below, but you can enquire about membership and a studio share by emailing with ‘London Fields Studio Share’ in the subject line.

There’s more, Second Home has bigger teams of up to 20 people covered too with studio day passes also available at London Fields. If you’ve got a project coming up and you need your team together in person rather than over Zoom, you can book out a studio for up to ten days with discounted rates on a range of bundles. This means that the days you book can be used as you like across a three-month period and of course, as well as access to the studio, you can take advantage of everything else Second Home has to offer too. You can enquire about membership and a studio day pass by emailing with ‘London Fields Studio Day Pass’ in the subject line. Now, let’s take a look at the costings shall we.