cucumber becomes real currency

Are you a fan of Apple pay? Or perhaps you’ve got a Monzo card? Screw that, we pay for stuff with cucumbers. We beg your pardon? The 14th of June sees ‘World Cucumber Day’ yes, there is a day for everything, and the boffins at Hendricks Gin have teamed up with a number of bars all over the UK for you to exchange a real life, mean, green cucumber in, for a refreshing Hendrick’s & Tonic during the world’s first ‘Cucumber Hour’.

This cucumber currency is not the only amazing thing we have for you, did you know cucumbers love rock music, loathe jazz, have a liking for the smell of dill and taste sweeter if swaddled in mini sleeping bags. How do we know this? A scientist at University of Sydney told us. Anyway, back to the ‘Cucumber Hour’ which will run from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday 14th June and is limited to one Hendrick’s & Tonic per person. Don’t be alarmed seeing a swarm of hipsters armed with mighty cucumber weaponry marching through the streets of London…they are merely thirsty.

Wed 14th June 2017, 5pm – 8pm
Selected bars, see here for more details