If you’ve found yourself on Soho’s D’Arblay Street anytime post-late 2019 (not counting those months when we could only be found at home), you’ve probably seen a queue pouring out of the pint-sized cookie shop, Crème. Soho is now home to quite a few rammed dessert cafes, especially the Instagrammable kind, but whether or not these spots are deserving of their internet fame isn’t always assured. It seems it is for Crème, as it’s been so successful with its particular brand of thick cookie that its outgrown the OG store and has moved into a new neighbourhood.

The freshly baked gooey cookies, which have been rated as the city’s best, can now be found in Notting Hill alongside some brand-new treats. You’ll be able to grab some popular flavours that have already made the rounds on social media, such as Miso & White Chocolate, Vegan Double Chocolate and Classic Milk Chocolate, or try the location’s exclusive Dulce de Leche & Milk Chocolate Cookie – not for the non-sweet-toothed.

The arrival of Crème’s latest site has come just in time for Christmas, so they’ve got a festive special on too. The limited-time flavour, Noisette & Milk Chocolate, is made with vanilla dough, caramelised hazelnuts and milk chocolate chips. But if you’re not feeling like a cookie, they’ve also got Malt Chocolate Chip Milkshakes with crushed cookie pieces, soft serve ice cream and marshmallow-torched Smores Hot Chocolate on the menu. Can never say no a dessert menu? This’ll be right up your street.

8 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London W11 1NN