What started out as a DIY poster project is now being plastered across London’s billboards as part of the Your Space Or Mine project helping to re-humanise the refugee crisis. Conversations From Calais is the design project that pastes conversations between volunteers and migrants onto city walls, and now it’s teamed up with the creative BUILDHOLLYWOOD family to project art across London’s streets. Although most of the posters are minimalistic in appearance featuring simple black text on a white background, they make a BIG impact by showing the reality experienced by refugees.

The idea behind this project is not only to support the creative community by giving artists a platform on the street, but it’s also using London’s street space to inspire and energise local communities, making art accessible for all. The Your Space Or Mine hopes is raising awareness, provoking meaningful conversations and giving plenty of hope for the future too. So keep your eyes peeled for this new artwork hitting the streets and remember to follow in their footsteps…be kind people.