coal drops yard gift guide

Coal Drops Yard isn’t just about the bars and restaurants (although there are some pretty great places to eat and drink in the area), as the bulk of the units in London’s new shopping and dining district in King’s Cross are shops. That means it’s the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping, especially when you can pick up great sustainable gifts like these…

Tracey Neuls

Tracey Neuls is all about timeless design, meaning pieces you buy from the brand will still look good and feel modern years down the line. These Crochet High Heels are limited edition and feature an exceptional level of craftsmanship as they are hand lasted and hand crocheted. The Wool Shopper Bag, is practical and minimalist, and made with wool offcuts, proving that nothing needs to go to waste. It’s the same with these Canadian Log Bowls, made in exclusive colourways from reclaimed trees (fallen or already cut) by Loyal Loot Collective Designs.


STORE Store hosts an After School Club where local school pupils have the chance to design and manufacture products, with the royalties from sales going to a cause of the students’ choice. Twisted Beeswax Candles and Hot Wire Hangers, made using reformed waste nylon powder from SLS 3D printing, are both on sale from the After School Club. We also love the Plastic Baroque Candlestick from James Shaw, made using recycled thermoplastics.

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers

Blackhorse Lane Ateliers makes everything right here in London and they take care to be as eco-conscious as possible by using organic cotton and denim woven in Europe. BLA also offers a lifetime repair policy so you can keep these products for years and years. Denim is their bread and butter, with these Women’s E10 Classic Straight Jeans, Men’s SE1 Worker Jeans and E17 Chore Jacket made in East London, as are the British Heritage Braces. Accessories-wise, the Broadway Canvas Tote Bag and the Hadston Leather Belt are made from veg tanned leather and finished in the factory. If you’re not gifting denim, you can gift denim care – this Attirecare set is plant-based and made in Manchester.

Botanical Boys

Plants always make for a good present but why not go one better this year with a terrarium instead? Terrariums are self-sustainable and once they are settled, they only need watering every few months so it’s a gift that’ll last a very long time. The Baiosphere models are great because they can be left in totally dark spaces thanks to the full spectrum LED with light colour adjustment and ventilation. If you’re dealing with someone who has trouble keeping plants alive then one of the Mini Egg Terrariums are ideal – they’re small, low maintenance and they can even be personalised.


LPOL has taken inspo from the architecture of Coal Drops Yard itself for its new bag. The Arch Tote is a minimalist’s dream, it’s got a crisp shape and clean finish, it’s made from vegetable tanned leather and crafted right here in London, in a factory that operates a zero-waste policy. So not only is the bag made locally, keeping transportation emissions down, any surplus material from production gets turned into something new.

Arch Tote, £175

Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger is a treasure trove when it comes to presents, stocking everything from clothing to accessories to beauty products, including many UK-based brands. Yala Jewellery has roots in Kenya and the UK, and produces handmade and sustainable artisan pieces. JEMIMASARA, founded by Jemima Sara Hand, promotes issues like sustainability, feminism, and mental health through its fun pieces, based out of London and Shropshire. Devon-based brand Lola’s Apothecary blends a passion for wellness with natural ingredients, and everything is produced in small batches in an environmentally friendly way.

Shop all these sustainable gifts and many, many more down at Coal Drops Yard this Christmas.