clerkenwell boy | food & travel instagramer

He won’t show his face but he will share his London tips below (and his food intake on Instagram). Meet ultimate foodie and travel writer Clerkenwell Boy…

With that accent, you’re defo not from London, how long you lived here?

I’ve been living in London for around 8 years now! When I first came over to the UK from Sydney, the plan was to just travel around Europe for a few months – but I managed to find a great job (which funds my obsession with food, booze & travel) so decided to stay. I’m based in Clerkenwell as it’s full of great pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants – plus it’s super central (close to work, friends, Soho and Shoreditch).

When did you become the online force that is Clerkenwell Boy?

I can be found eating out (locally) most nights of the week. A few of my friends started calling me “Clerkenwell Boy” because I was too lazy too meet them anywhere else.

Last year I stumbled onto Twitter, started connecting with a local “foodies” and restaurants, and the rest is history! It’s actually been amazing how many great friends, chefs and drinking buddies I’ve met through Twitter…I’m also a big fan of Instagram too, as I love taking photos and sharing recommendations but I don’t really have the time (or patience) for writing a blog!

Oh we’re defo drinking buddies now! You must get to go to some amazing places, where’s your favourite place in London to eat?

That’s a tough one! London has an amazing dining scene and each week is a new adventure…But in Clerkenwell my everyday favourites are:

Moritotapas for Spanish
Qualitychop for British food and great Wine
Sushi Tetsu for THE BEST sushi in London
Bruno Loubet for hearty French food
Caravan Exmouth or The Modern Pantry for a Lazy Brunch

Other favourites include:

Duckand Waffle for 24hr dining
Dishoom for their Bacon Naan
Town Hall Hotel #TheCornerRoom for their Iberico pork
Bone Daddies bar for Ramen with #CockScratchings
Pollen St Social for their dessert bar

What about boozing? You’re always boozing….

Anywhere that serves a decent Negroni! In Clerkenwell, ZTH bar, Redhook and Polpo Soho (Smithfield) are all excellent. In Shoreditch, I prefer Happiness Hoxton for their underground buzz, Lyan for their inventiveness, and Rtryrm for the vibes and late hours. I also really like Rubys Dalston… Their new Autumn menu is fantastic!

Who doesn’t like Rubys? It’s our most popular answer for favourite bars…Finally, what would your perfect day in London be?

I like my days jam packed!

Tennis for a few hours in the morning
Followed by Doughnuts @StJohnBakery
A late brunch with the missus
A walk around London’s many markets
A snooze in the park
Dinner at one of my favourite restaurants
Drinks with friends into the early hours…

There you have it, the life of a social media king. Wanna see more? Then check out his twitter and instagram. You will not be disappointed!