chop chop london pop-up

In need of a haircut but not got the dollar or the time to spend in a posh London salon? Fear not, Chop Chop London is here to help. The pop-up hair salon is doing for haircuts what Easyjet did for flights, striping them back so that you only pay for what you get. But what you do you get? Well you get to choose from one of the 24 gender-fluid express styles set at £20 for 20 minutes. You literally pick the style and 20 minutes later you’re £20 lighter and good to go with new hair style in tow. The styles range from simple cuts to braids and up-dos and there’s even an app for you to pre-order and pay so you can make sure it’s a quick in and out job. One thing to note though, you will need to have clean hair because there ain’t no basins here and there defo ain’t no head massages. But you pay for what you get. We repeat, it’s £20. Wanna check it out? Chop, chop it’s only at Old Street station for three months.

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Old Street Station, London EC1Y 1BE