Marsha, the chicken joint in Gabriel’s Wharf, is spreading its wings this February and flying into Kingly Court for site number two. Chicken (higher-welfare from Soanes Poultry in Yorkshire) is very much the name of the game at Marsha, which takes a minimal-waste approach to its birds. That means as well as hot-brined and roasted half chickens, buttermilk fried thigh & kimchi slaw and grilled fillet & confit garlic mayo burgers, the menu includes crispy chicken skins, buttermilk gochujang wings, chicken hearts in blankets with chimichurri, tenders with black truffle mayo, sauteed chicken livers with green lentils & harissa yoghurt and crispy thighs & drumsticks in maple glaze. And if bird isn’t the word for you, Marsha is also serving up bang bang cauliflower, beetroot burgers, grilled cabbage with romesco, and cheesy truffle fries.

The low-waste approach extends out from the kitchen to the bar, with what would have been waste from the kitchen making it into the cocktails – the Dirty Clucker is a chicken stock-infused dirty martini with a chicken skin rim, and the Stonecold includes whisky, salted caramel, coconut, lime and a garnish made from brownie off-cuts. If that all sounds cluckin’ great to you, Marsha is making it even better by knocking 50% OFF food from 14th – 20th February for everyone who signs up to their newsletter here. And if you swing by on V-Day, you’ll get a free dish of chicken hearts in blankets and a free Love Bird cocktail.

Opens Mon 14th February 2022
Kingly Court, Carnaby St, London W1B 5PW