The nation has officially got wedding fever as we count down the days until Harry and Meghan tie the knot. And don’t worry if you didn’t manage to score an invite to the ceremony because it’s being screened all over the place, as well as being marked in some more unusual ways. From drag brunches to tea bus tours to glittery ginger crisps, here are the good, the bad and the weird ways to celebrate the wedding of the year.

Ginger & Sparkle Crisps from Tyrrells

Ginger and parsnip crisps covered with edible glitter, which'll get stuck in the dip. It's just what Harry & Meghan would have wanted

Royal Wedding Recorded on Decca Records

As well as recording the ceremony for streaming, Decca Records are releasing it as an actual album...one to crack out at your next house party

Royal Reception at the London EDITION

Join photographer Alison Jackson and royal lookalikes to celebrate the happy couple and recreate some royal portraits

Free Day Out at London Zoo for Harry and Meghans

If you share the same names as the happy couple you can get a day out at ZSL London Zoo for free...go and visit Meghan the okapi

Commemorative Bucket from KFC

Swoop on down to the Windsor branch of KFC and get greasy fingered with a limited edition Royal Wedding Bucket

Free Burgers at MEATMission

Anyone named Harry, Meghan or Tommy can stuff their face with a free burger on wedding day