cattivo to open in brixton

What is it?

The team behind Martello Hall (Hackney) and Canova Hall (Brixton) is opening Italian bar and cafe, Cattivo in Brixton this October. The ground floor cafe will serve up a southern Italian inspired menu, while in the basement cocktail bar there’ll be spritzes and other concoctions. Cattivo is doing more than just food and drink though – they’ve got a packed events programme so you can enjoy a showtime brunch, a Bad-A-Bad-A Bingo quiz, and live music on super soul Sunday or Friday band night.

The Food

The menu will be divided into Cicchetti, Small and Sharing Plates, Pastas, Ragus and Dolcetti. Cicchetti will feature Frico (fried parmesan crisps), as well as Parmesan served by the ounce, like some kind of cheese dealer. Other highlights will include Lamb Ragu (‘nduja, pecorino and pappardelle); Truffle and Pecorino Tortelloni, and Roast Squash Salad. A meatball selection, all served in a slow-cooked tomato sauce with fat spaghetti and gremolata, will include ricotta with zucchini and spicy pork with fennel. And for dessert, there is Italian Grape Cake served with mascarpone or Bombolini with salted caramel butter cream.

The Booze

As well as a dedicated spritz menu, you’ll be able to sip on drinks such as the Go Nuts (rum, burnt brown sugar, walnut concentrate, served in a wood smoked glass), the Fifty Paces (marmalade vodka, pear vodka, orange juice and champagne) and the Skinny Dennis (gin, orange bitters, citrus mist, natural quinine tonic syrup and club soda).


Opens October 2018
207 Ferndale Road, London SW9 8BE

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