STAB, STAB, KILL, KILL…this is not a drill, this is your lunch hour! Londoners who are looking for a more adventurous lunch are being invited by London-based class and experience discovery platform Wonderush to catch, kill, cook and eat their own lunch. This isn’t running around the Heath in search of rabbits or squirrel, no one need come dressed as Rambo. Here’s how it will work, a pool will be filled with fish and lobster, and with the aid of fishing nets you’ll be able to catch your own dinner which will then be placed on to a BBQ. But before that you’ll be shown by the guide of experienced chefs on how to humanely kill, yes kill your catch and prepare it along with a number of sides and condiments to complement your dish.

Whether you’ve caught, killed and ate your own fish before, or simply want to do it for the halibut, here’s your chance to get in on a FREE lobster BBQ. We reckon a lot of people might get a little craby over this. The BBQ will last around an hour with tickets available on a first come, first serve basis and go on sale on Thursday 15th at 10am…make sure you snapper up a plaice.

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Fri 16th September 2016
Cecret central London location