What’s the vibe?

Carbone is a New York classic, where the waiters are dressed in bright red tuxedos and the Caesar salad is prepared table-side, just for some added theatre. It’s small and dimly lit, with bare brick walls, mosaic-tiled floors, oversized menus, and a cast of characters (both diners and staff) that look like they’ve walked straight off a film set. In short, it’s everything you hoped an Italian restaurant in New York would be.


What to order?

Carbone isn’t cheap and this is big hearty Italian food, so it really is best to go with at least four people, which will help spread the cost and the stomach space. There are some legendary items which you pretty much have to order, one of which is the incredible meatballs served in a sweet, tangy tomato sauce, and the other is the spicy rigatoni pasta, a favourite dish of Drake who even gave Carbone a shout out in his song “Do Not Disturb”.

We also loved the Caprese salad, complete with a huge ball of fresh mozarella, the ricotta tortellini, and the standout main dish, the veal parmesan, coated in crisp breadcrumbs and cheese. By this point we were nearly passing out on the table from overeating so, really, go in a big group!


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