bye bye bad hair

This weather sure does play HAVOC with your hair. One minute it’s frizzy from the damp, the next minute it’s frozen because there was no time to dry it, and then the heating comes on and makes it parched. But you don’t have to suffer bad hair days anymore, not when you’ve got this lot on your side…

Live Forever Conditioner | Bleach London

If you wanna keep you dye job looking tip top you reach for Bleach. This conditioner keeps those colours popping for as long as poss.

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Compact Styler Hairbrush | Tangle Teezer

When it comes to unruly hair, only a Tangle Teezer will do. Nothing wrong with bonus hearts either.

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Call Time Primer | IGK Hair

A spritz or two of this primer and you’ve got smooth, soft, static-free locks all day long. It even doubles as a heat protectant.

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Resurrection Shampoo | Bed Head by TIGI

This shampoo is specifically for weak, brittle hair and is super nourishing but light enough to use daily. It’s rehab for hair.

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Like A Virgin | Coco & Eve

We can’t remember what our (hair’s) pure virgin state is but this Balinese hair treatment sure does make your hair silky and manageable.

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