There must be something in the water out east because a bunch of new foodie brands and businesses have popped up across Leyton and Leytonstone. Pizza, pickles, wine, hot sauce…. these two ‘hoods are producing the goods, making them the new east London hotspots to watch.

Good Morning Neighbour

You can’t beat a good pickle and that’s exactly what Good Morning Neighbour is all about – classic dill pickles made fresh with nothing artificial. They’ve done collabs with the likes of Gordo’s Pizzeria and Short Road Pizza and you can get them at Dom’s Subs, PLUS they’re doing a great line in merch too.

Kold Sauce

The bottle may say Kold but this sauce is HAWT. Inspired by the classic American hot pepper sauce, Kold Sauce is naturally fermented and aged in barrels much like wine, kimchi or sauerkraut. Unlike other hot sauces, Kold Sauce is raw and cold pressed, so is therefore kept KOLD throughout the process. There are three sauces in the range – the OG red one, the Green and the extra hot Gold, and they all slap.


Run by couple Eliza and Dan, Yardarm is a wine shop that stocks wines (duh!) spirits, beer, coffee and deli food, and all the produce stocked inside is stuff that the pair genuinely like, with a focus on independent producers and low intervention wines. Under normal circumstances, you can get involved in tastings or just pop in for a glass of wine and a cheese board at the bar but currently, they’ve given their kitchen space over to neighbours Short Pizza.

238 Francis Road, London E10 6NQ


After an interest in kimchi grew into them making it for friends and fam and even hosting some pop-up kimchi-making classes, James and Nat turned it into Shetledsky’s. They sling their own range of pickles, krauts and hot sauces, all of which are made using the freshest produce and traditional fermenting techniques. They deliver in East London or you can see them in person at Lloyd Park and Victoria Park Markets.

Willy’s Pies

Ain’t nothing like a hearty pie when it’s pissing down with rain outside and Willy’s Pies delivers some of the best in London. The pies change weekly with just four options; one meat, one veggie and one sweet tart and the mainstay, the treacle tart. All savoury pies (past ones have incuded roast chicken & leek, roast pumpkin & lentil and onglet & oxtail) arrive ready-to-bake. Willy’s got big balls too, he’s grafted in some of London’s top restaurants Brat, St John Bread and Wine and Rochelle Canteen so it’s safe to say he defo delivers.


Short Road Pizza

Short Road Pizza was born out of the original lockdown when couple Kate and Ugo moved to Leytonstone and bought a pizza oven to help keep them busy. Pizza became a way for the pair to both get to know their new area and help out during the peak of the crisis – they started giving out contact-free pizza to neighbours in exchange for a donation to their local food bank Eat or Heat. Now Short Road Pizza is a trio with a Sunday residency at Leyton wine bar Yardarm where they’re running a pre-order and collection service and £1 for every pizza sold is donated to Eat or Heat.