burn baby burn

Now’s the time to make your home as cosy as poss and the best (and best smelling) way to do that is with a candle, plus they make great gifts, especially for when you’re out of all other ideas. Light up with one of our faves…

Amande Gourmande | Annick Goutal

Smells like a dessert you just want to stick your face into.

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Musk | Etro

Smells like a walk in the woods, in a high fashion way.

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Wildflower | Earl of East

Smells like a gorgeous English country garden.

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Fired Earth Assam & White Cedar | Wax Lyrical

Smells like a lovely cup of sweet, floral tea.

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Gingerbread | Parks London

Smells like gingerbread (obvs) and Christmas (yay).

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