It’s Burmese New Year or Thingyan this month and Lahpet is celebrating by putting on a special menu inspired by dishes traditionally eaten during the festival. Water games are played during the first four days of Thingyan and grilled fish and meat and sweet jaggery dumplings cooked in banana leaves are just some of the celebratory foods eaten during this holiday.

Lahpet’s Head Chef Zaw Mahesh has put his spin on these with his Thingyan menu, which features tofu stuffed with spring veg and tamarind shrimp floss, grilled chicken and pork skewers, grilled whole bream and steamed coconut, jaggery, tapioca and rose parcels. Burmese food still isn’t super well known in London and Thingyan even less so, so this is a chance to try something new.

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Sat 13th – Sun 21st April 2019
58 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6JW