The Korean food scene in London is defo growing – see recent arrivals Hongade Pocha and Korean Dinner Party – but there’s one spot on Charing Cross Road doing authentic street food in the shape of corndogs, ddukbokki (fried rice cakes) and cupbap (rice pots). Bunsik does six takes on the corndog (itself a frankfurter wrapped in cornmeal dough and deep fried), with options including potato mozzarella, cheese and cheese, beef, and octo legs, which doesn’t actually have any octopus in but does have the hotdog cut into the shape of tentacles at the bottom.

You can get more hotdog on the rice cakes, along with chicken mandu and fried seaweed rolls, and the rice pots come topped with the likes of bulgogi, spicy pork and chicken mayo. Judging by the big queues outside the bright yellow-fronted shop, Bunsik is the real deal.

62 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0BU