Forget karaoke, it’s all about kara-soaky at Bunga Bunga Battersea. The new experience combines the best of Bunga Bunga’s infamous karaoke nights with social distancing regs as it features three shower cubicles for guests to belt out tunes in. Each cubicle has a spotlight and shower head fitted with a microphone and a disposable cover, and they get fully sanitised after each performance.

They’ve gone all out on theme as well, turning the interior into an Italian bathroom complete with loofahs, rubber ducks and shower curtains between tables to create ‘bathroom bubbles’. There are retro phones at each table so you can call in your song requests and even ring up other tables for some old-school (and socially distanced) flirting. The kara-soaky experience includes a three course feast featuring those metre-long pizzas, plus the option to add on bottomless Aperol Spritz for those that need a little dutch courage before their shower solos. Gives a whole new meaning to singing in the shower…

Launches Fri 4th September 2020
37 Battersea Bridge Rd, London SW11 3BA