Bun House on Greek Street, the original restaurant from Z He and Alex Peffly (who also have Bun House in Chinatown and the Pleasant Lady stall), is having a makeover and relaunching as Wun’s. The restaurant and bar will be inspired by 1960s Hong Kong, with the downstairs bar referencing the area’s nightlife, with neon lighting, velvet seats and go-go music, whilst the upstairs space looking like dai pai dong or open air street cafes.

The menu will feature Cantonese dishes from Z’s childhood, like XO bone marrow with fried mantau, her grandma’s sour plum braised duck, Iberico char siu rice, Hong Kong egg tarts, and childhood fried milk. The drinks list sounds just as intriguing, with cocktails like Green Bamboo & Quince (bamboo fenjiu, pue’er tea liqueur, fresh quince and mango) and Plum & “Coke” (sour plum-infused baiju, liquorice, sour plum tea and five spice syrup) alongside craft beers from Hong Kong.

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Opens Weds 24th July 2019
23 Greek Street, London, W1D 4DZ