IKEA is getting in the festive spirit the best way they know how – through the medium of furniture – by creating a Gingerbread Höme kit. A house, even a biscuit one, isn’t really a home until you put furniture (preferably that you’ve assembled yourself) inside it and now you can deck out your gingerbread houses with replica IKEA classics. The furniture giants have developed free printable assembly instructions for Billy bookcases, Lack tables, Malm bed frames and more, so you can cut out, bake and build biscuit versions of them.

And if you take furniture building seriously (and you happen to have access to a 3D printer) IKEA has even made printing files of the furniture shapes so you can 3D-print reusable cookie cutters. We can’t guarantee that you won’t fall out with your significant others whilst putting the gingerbread bookcases together but at least you can eat the evidence if it all goes tits up.

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