bubble football world cup

Have you always thought you’d slay it at the world cup, but that injury when you were 12 ruined your chances…Well stop telling everyone about that day your life was over cos you were kicked out of the local under 13s and get yourself signed up for the Bubble World Cup team qualifier because you could be playing in an actual world cup in 2018 – wearing three lions and everything. Yes, we might be talking Bubble Football, that weird football-come-zorb sport, but you will get the chance to kick Brazil and Germany’s ass. So if you think you and your mates have what it takes to represent England, sign up for the qualifiers now and get your bubble on for what could be (almost definitely is) your last chance to play in a world cup!

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Sat 19th – Sun 20th May 2017
Powerleague Shoreditch, Braithwaite St, London E1 6GJ