brooklyn’s best pizza x yard sale

After their epic collab with The Rib Man, Yard Sale is bringing over Frank Pinello, Best Pizza founder and host of The Pizza Show on Vice, over from Brooklyn for the next instalment in their guest chef series. Not only will Frank be adding one of his signature pizzas – a white pizza with ricotta, caramelised onions and a sesame seed crust – to all Yard Sale menus, but he’ll also be creating a special one in collaboration with Yard Sale founder Nick Buckland. And if you wanna get some top tips on making authentic New York-style pies, Frank is hosting a pizza making masterclass at the Leytonstone branch on 11th August, and yes there will be limited edition merch to mark the occasion too.

Wanna a pizz’a this action right now? These are our fave places for a slice.

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Various locations