February, it’s not all about heart-shaped pizzas and treating your Valentine to a cute gift don’t you know? Oh no, the 14th is also the start of Random Acts of Kindness week and so we’ve rounded up the wardrobe picks that’ll spread positive vibes throughout your wardrobe, your veins and the streets of London as you don them around town…

Lucy & Yak

Elizabeth Whibley has put her stamp all over this baggy Lucy & Yak tee and we’re big fans. It’s relaxed and roomy (just how we like our tees to fit), featuring dropped shoulders and a long body. It’s size inclusive, made from organic cotton and genderless too – just in case you needed another reason to start donning your affirmations instead of just saying ’em out loud.


We can always trust GANNI’s signature tee to put a smile on our face. Featuring a big smiley front and centre, as well as a positive slogan and THAT signature logo, it’s hard not to smile at this one. Whack it on with a pair of jeans if casual is what you’re going for or funk it up with a printed skirt and some boots. It’s also made from a blend of 100% recycled materials meaning it’s kinder to the planet.


This JoosTricto pink sweater features a smiley face and bright (but not too bright) tones to lift you and your wardrobe’s spirits. Yeah it’s a bit spenny, but you can’t put a price on happiness ‘eh? We’re really vibing it with a camel trench too.

Chinti & Parker

How do you spread some good vibes? By slapping it across a sweatshirt along with some trippy colours coming out like rays. You can defo count on this Chinti & Parker cashmere number to put you, and everyone else you walk past, in a good mood.


An oversized jumper is good, but pop a positive slogan on the back and it becomes next-level. Slouchy sleeves, knitted rib texture and not too in-your-face. LOVE.

Happy Socks

It’s positive vibes all day long with these socks that give you a big thumbs up, because sometimes life is hard and you just need a reminder (albeit from your feet) that you’re doing ok.