Yes, they’ve come back to life, but there’s nothing scary about these spirits. As the name suggests, Discarded’s signature spirits give sustainability a new flavour by repurposing the likes of banana peels and the fruit left over from coffee and wine production and turning it into something beautiful.

Food and drink waste is a clear issue, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, 70% of it is avoidable. And with all eyes looking for ways to improve the state of the environment, solutions are always very welcome news. By giving their ingredients a second life, Discarded Spirits are able to make a dent in the unnecessary food waste and show the way for other drink manufacturers to do the same.

Their first creation, a vermouth, saw the potential in making something out of the tonnes of cascara berries tossed away in coffee bean harvests. The berries are dried, fermented, steeped in alcohol and then blended with fortified wine to give this sweet vermouth its distinct notes of roasted coffee and peppery spiced finish.

And that’s not the only thing you can add to your drinks cabinet. Discarded have also made a Chardonnay Vodka, made from the grape skins, stems and seeds that get binned in the winemaking process as well as the Chardonnay ‘wine alcohol’, and a Banana Peel Rum, made using rum that’s seasoned empty casks for single malt whisky maturation (which often gets thrown away after the barrels have been aged) and banana peels, which give it a toffee kick. Sustainable production and something delish to perk up your drink? It’s a win-win. Cin cin.