Newt London doesn’t believe in workwear, doesn’t believe in saving things for best, and definitely doesn’t believe in throwing away plastic and letting it clog up landfills or pollute the ocean. The brand is encouraging you to wear bold and bright clothes and accessories all the time and they’re helping you do so by making them out of plastic waste, with the range including four-layer face masks, headbands, scrunchies, stretch flares, PJs and Cuban shirts covered in everything from animal print to heart motifs.

The majority of Newt’s fabric is digitally printed using non-toxic inks in Worcestershire (the rest is done in Italy where the stretch fabrics are made), and the material they use is either made from recycled plastic bottles or ECONYL, made from post-consumer plastic waste and things like fishing nets, with biodegradable Corozo nuts used to make buttons. Pieces are cut and sewn in London and Norfolk by seamstresses working in excellent conditions (sometimes even their own homes or studios), and any offcuts are repurposed to make things like scrunchies.

They take all that care to keep the products as sustainable as possible, so of course Newt also uses recyclable packaging and labels to ship the goods to you, and everything they can’t reuse themselves gets recycled with First Mile. If you want to perk up your look and do something useful with plastic waste at the same time, Newt London is the way to do it.