Tea is a very important business in this country, so important that you could get into a fist fight over whether the tea or the water goes in first and what shade of brown the finished brew should be (yes there are right answers to both of these). That means anyone getting into the tea game has to be bold and that’s exactly what Offblak is.

Offblak’s founding principle is “that tea shouldn’t just be black, it should be anything but” and with interesting flavours like mint & chocolate, strawberry & pink pepper, and cranberry & cinnamon, sold in bright, quirky packaging, that is certainly the case. As well as looking good, Offblak teas are designed to be part of a healthy lifestyle, so whether you want a tea that’s gonna wake you up in the morning, help you detox, or get you drifting off at night, they have you covered.

The brand isn’t just about making tea that’s good for you, it’s also trying to be good for the planet too. Offblak is the world’s first carbon negative tea company, which it’s achieved by offsetting 10% more carbon than it emits as a business by investing in a forestry conservation project in Peru and two renewable energy projects in India and Mongolia (all of which are verified by carbon offset standards the Gold Standard and VERRA).

Offblak also runs a zero to landfill recycling scheme where you can send back the aluminium sachets the teabags come in via freepost to ensure they’re recycled correctly, whilst the PET teabags and FSC-certified cartons and delivery boxes can all be recycled at home. There are even plans to be plastic free by 2022 and that’s the tea.