Plastic waste is a massive issue – single-use plastics are everywhere and only around 7% – 11% of plastic waste in the world gets recycled. Clearly there needs to be a change in the way we think about waste and two people who are trying to do just that are Sarah Jo Palmer and Christopher Deagle, two hairstylists who have set up Re=Comb, a company that produces combs from recycled plastic waste. The pair want to show that waste can be turned into something functional, beautiful and long lasting, and can ultimately be given new value.

After realising that there weren’t any truly eco-friendly hair tools on the market that could work for both professionals and consumers, the duo decided to create their own. They started with combs because they are simple, genderless, and suitable for all hair types, and Re=Comb now produces wide tooth combs and piks in a variety of colours and patterns. The combs are made in the UK from recycled polypropylene plastic sourced from various types of waste, which is then shredded, melted and injection moulded into shape.

Everything gets used with any leftovers or offcuts from one batch going into the next one, and thanks to the way they’re made the marble patterns on each comb are unique. Turning something that’s been thrown away into a one-off product – that’s how you make beauty from waste.