When it comes to environmental impact, household cleaning products are right up there and not in a good way. The solutions, which are around 90% water topped up with chemicals, often come in single-use plastic bottles, have a large carbon footprint from the weight of shipping that all that water, and can even pollute the air. There is a way to keep your home clean in an eco-friendly way though and it’s by using refillable cleaners. It’s estimated that if every UK household switched to refillable cleaning, 300 million single-use plastic bottles would be saved from polluting the environment each year.

Spruce is here to help to make that switch easy. The brand has two non-toxic cleaning products – multi-purpose and bathroom – which come in sachets, so all you have to do is empty them into the reusable aluminium bottles, add water, and spray away. The Eternity bottles are plastic-free, durable and infinitely recyclable, and the refills are free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, palm oil, petroleum and artificial fragrances. And because Spruce doesn’t include any water in its products, they save on shipping weight helping to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

Not only is all the packagaing plastic-free – the sachets are compostable, the outer packing materials are FSC-certified and printed with biodegradable inks, with every Starter Kit sold Spruce helps to remove the equivalent of 25 plastic bottles’ worth of ocean-bound plastic waste from the environment through their partnership with Plastic Bank. Being clean and green has never been so simple.