Although there are huge benefits to using sustainable materials to make clothes and accessories, it can sometimes be hard to match the same levels of aesthetics and craftsmanship that you can get from something like leather. London-based accessories brand Oliver Co. have nailed it with their cardholders and wallets made from innovative bio-based leathers.

The first is wood leather, made from thin sheets of wood from FSC-approved forests bonded to fabric using an eco-friendly adhesive and then laser-etched. The second is apple leather, made from a mix of apple waste from the juice industry and polyurethane, and both materials have a lower CO2 impact on the environment than regular leather. The products are finished with premium organic and recycled linings (and you can even have them embossed Patrick Bateman style), so they look sleek.

Oliver Co. are also committed to ethical production, not just in terms of the materials but in terms of the working standards of the factories and suppliers they use. They’re also a part of 1% for the Planet, meaning a portion of annual sales will be donated to environmental organisations. Keeping hold of your cards has never looked so good (or so green).