If Friday night is always fish supper night in your house, there’s a new sustainable way to keep the seafood coming on the regs. SoleShare is London’s first fish box scheme, providing people with regular packages of fresh fish and shellfish directly from small-scale British fisherman. All the fishermen SoleShare work with fish in an environmentally sustainable way (using static nets, pots, rods and lines) and the business runs on a whole catch basis (so SoleShare buys up everything the fishermen land rather than picking out specific types of fish), which prevents waste. It’s also an economically sustainable model for the fishermen themselves – they get a fair price for their catch and you get responsibly caught seafood fresh off the boat.

SoleShare works like most other subscription services. You choose how much fish you want; how often you want it, weekly or fortnightly; whether you want it whole, filleted or chef-prepped; and where you want to pick it up from, with collection points across east, north and south London. As you’re buying the catch of the day, the seafood you get will vary so it’s a great way to eat what’s in season and potentially discover fish you’ve never cooked before. They also have recipe cards so you’re not staring down a squid with no clue on what to do with it.

By skipping out all the processors, wholesalers and retailers in the middle of the supply chain, SoleShare helps to build that connection between the fishermen and the consumers, not to mention cutting down on the carbon footprint of your fish.