After working in the aviation industry, retail design, visual merchandising and marketing, Laura Brown turned her hand to jewellery and founded Scratch London in 2017. For Laura, jewellery is an investment rather than something that should be manufactured cheaply and designed to be throwaway, so Scratch London is all about slow fashion and sustainability.

Laura takes inspiration from nature, resulting in minimalist pieces with free-flowing lines and organic shapes – Scratch London jewellery is simple and elegant enough for everyday wear but has been crafted with the same care and attention you’d expect from a really special piece. The metal jewellery is made from recycled sterling and fine silver and 9ct and 18ct gold, and all the scraps are kept and reused too. The resin jewellery is made using bio-resin, which is partly composed of plant-based materials and also uses pollution from other factories as power for the manufacturing process. And new pieces are only released when they’re ready as the brand is all about timelessness, not trends.

Not only is the jewellery handmade in a maker’s studio in Brixton and shipped in plastic-free packaging, Scratch London runs a very small and traceable supply chain to ensure sustainability; as well as using recycled metals and bio-resin, all gems are sourced from ethical suppliers and independent lapidary artists in the UK and Canada. Scratch London can even create a bespoke piece of jewellery so you can have something that’s ethically made, timeless and unique to you.